Cultivation of good habits


Cultivation of a good habit is an integral part of life.


How to cultivate and recognize habits that are good for wellbeing?


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whether you are at your home or at workplace, your habits are reflected in your actions in both physical and mental or behavioural.


When we create a habit, we are in fact, wiring (or rewiring) our brain to create a pattern. Our brain’s neuroplasticity allows us to do this regularly. Meaning, our brain can change over time. Our sensory nervous system is constantly monitoring for actions to take that will deliver a reward. In the case of our brains, this reward is typically caused by a hit of dopamine. When our brain recognizes an action that provides this release of dopamine, it will wire itself to make that action easier to be able to receive that hit again


Research suggests that work happiness and life satisfaction are in the hands of the individual and the organization. Its essential to recognize that happiness is an advantage at work, and rather than waiting for future successes, we can find it in the present. Secondly, by creating good habits that increase life satisfaction, you can train your brain and prepare it for higher levels of happiness (Achor, 2014).

Based on all of this, it stands to reason that habits affect our mental health and wellness too.


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