Lifestyle observations and positive changes 


What types of changes it could be?


How to create habit of observation?


"Observing your lifestyle that does not mean overlooking it but it should take in the way that helps to create awareness of positive or negative changes in your body or mind."


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Mental health deserves real conditioning and taking care of – just like the entire body. Some disregard a lot of mental issue to stress and simply choke everything up to the need to relax. The truth is that you need to have more consideration of these issues. And while there may be several treatment options that can be chosen, knowing the causes behind them in the first place can help you decide on the best approach to treat these issues.


A wide ranging and increasing number of medical and psychiatric diseases are recognised to be caused and modified by the way individuals live with associated lifestyle factors playing major part.


Much of epidemiological research has shown that lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, mental activity and stress have significant influences on health extension (Li et al. 2018). The research evidence for improving and preventing psychiatric disorders by positively modifying the lifestyle factors continues to grow (Cotmanet al. 2007, Rohrer et al. 2005, Tanka & Shirakawa 2004, Scheewe et al. 2013). As described above smoking has clearly been shown to cause significant morbidity and mortality through the development of various cancers and number of other diseases, which in turn have negative impact on mental health (Kadan-Lotticket al. 2005, Ganz et al. 2003, Ormel et al. 2007, Aras et al. 2017).


Clearly large body of research evidence points to importance of lifestyle factors in medical and psychiatric diseases. Research also suggest that positive modification of lifestyle factors is essential for both improvement and maintaining of physical and mental health. Each individual is unique and hence requires their own unique set of programmes of lifestyle modification. Indeed, it is helpful to recognise that each lifestyle factor is linked to and influences other lifestyle factors through various underlying mechanisms such as improvement in inflammatory processes which can result from inactivity, over consumption of unhealthy/inflammatory foods, obesity and smoking. Whilst it may be easier to take a step by step approach by modifying of one lifestyle factor at one time, efforts should be made to modify all lifestyle factors in conjunctions, since they tend to work synergistically and are likely to have greater effect on positively modify morbidity and mortality related to physical and mental health.


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